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The FYOU team is comprised of a diverse group of youth and young adults. Each member of the team is well-versed in their own story of forgiveness and spends countless hours doing community work.

FYOU began in December 2010 when founder Tara Muldoon was going through the journey of forgiveness after surviving sexual trauma. She saw an art show based on forgiveness from the UK and knew forgiveness was the missing piece in her life.

Five years later, FYOU has won numerous awards and achieved various accolades such as Toronto’s Best Social Justice Organization and partnering with Desmond Tutu. They have released two books with a third on the way and have run over 150 workshops. They have been featured on international news outlets such as MTV and are continuously pushing boundaries to have creative conversations around forgiveness.
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What is FYOU?

We Are A Movement

FYOU: The Forgiveness Project

is a movement that started after rape-survivor Tara Muldoon did not find justice in the justice system. After realizing forgiveness would have to come from within, she created a platform for youth and young adults to speak openly about what it means to forgive.

FYOU is now a team that runs programming and workshops internationally. The entire movement is comprised of youth and young adults.

"FYOU is amazing." - Matt Galloway, CBC


  • Funded by the Trillium Youth Opportunities Fund
  • Award-winning book series on forgiveness
  • Award-winning photo exhibit on forgiveness and trauma called TRIGGERS
  • Voted Now Magazine Best Social Justice Organization
  • Partnerships with Desmond Tutu "The Forgiveness Challenge" and the Amber Rose SlutWalk



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